Robin Lurie

Robin Lurie

Last May, 2015, I had a life changing trip to Peru under the guidance of Washi. I was attracted to him as a guide from the first when I saw that he donated a portion of the money for the tour to the needy children in Peru. Washi is knowledgeable, kind, and an amazing person who gives back to his people, the children and county. This man took us to all the usual places, along with visiting children in poor areas where we were able to donate school items, as well as serve them food. We were there during Mother's Day. Washi purchased about 100 roses and gave them out to women wherever we saw them on the street. Additionally, when we were camping on the trail up to Machu Pucchu, he had the cooks make me a homemade Mother's Day cake! Washi is so warm and knowledgeable about his country. He took us to some caves that tourists don't usually visit. I could go on and on. Know that we will hire Washi again for a tour and will recommend him highly to people we know. Any questions, email me at robinhiker@bellsouth.net Robin Lurie

Dianne Woods


Happy to do it Washi. Here you go. In January my cousin and I traveled to Southern Peru where with our guide “Washi” Washington Gibaja Tapia we explored the wonders of his beautiful country. We trekked ancient Incan ruins, were introduced to Cusco’s past and present, traveled the Sacred Valley, were awestruck at Machu Picchu, had wonderful meals because we followed every suggestion for the best restaurants, and had everyone of our many, many questions answered with insight, grace and humor. With Washi as our guide, we experienced Peru at a depth of understanding that would not have been possible had we been traveling on our own. Yes indeed, it was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Washi! Warm regards, Dianne Dianne Woods www.diannewoods.com www.thegeorgemannarchive.com  

Rich Geisel

Rich Geisel

Spiritual Tours Adventure Review My month long adventure with Washi was the first leg of a year long journey around the world and the beginning of a new life forged from the experience he carved out for me. I could tell you about all the places we visited, the wonders of the physical and spiritual universe we experienced and how he treated me like a brother but all that would pale in comparison to how the trip changed me forever. Washi you will learn is like no guide you can find anywhere on earth. He is a man who puts everyone else ahead of himself and never tires of making sure everyone who's life he touches is left the better for it. Washi not only showed me the wonders of Peru and it's people but also the true meaning of the word philanthropy. If you are looking for an adventure that you can never forget and one that will leave you wishing it would never end; Magical Tours is the one for you. Rich Geisel Lititz PA Rich Geisel The Orchids of Light Foundation. Rediscover the Joy of Giving

Love, Lenore

Hope that this helps,

Hi Washi, My husband and I visited Peru in 2011. Our tour with Washi was amazing, one of the best trips of our lives. Washi is warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. The tour was exceptionally well organized. We were able to go off the beaten track and visit villages and people who we would not have found on our own. Each day was busy and full but we did have enough time to rest and remain grounded. Washi is a spiritual man who generously shares his spiritual beliefs and the customs and culture of the Peruvian people. This trip was affordable and we were able to design the tour to accommodate our individual preferences. Enjoy, Lenore Bailey Hope that this helps, Love, Lenore

Sister Linda and Brother Gary

Dearest Brother Washi: Here are some of my thoughts. I could never put all of them down because that would take a book! We journeyed to Peru in September of 2013 to visit Machu Picchu as it was a dream of my husband to see this engineering and archeological wonder. We were introduced to Washi (Washington Gibaja Tapia of Magical Tours Peru, by a friend of mine in California. I immediately began corresponding with Washi to plan our trip and through e-mail we became good friends. He handled ALL the arrangements for our trip (except our airfare from San Francisco to Lima). And when it became necessary to cancel our trip 24 hours before we were due to depart due to a government ban on travel to Peru, Washi was incredibly gracious and tried very hard to get some of our money back so that all was not a loss. We rebooked our trip 6 months later and again, Washi was the consummate professional and arranged the best hotels and meals. When we arrived in Peru at 2am after having many flight delays and cancellations, Washi was at the airport with that all consuming smile on his face even though he'd been waiting there for many hours. I knew when I saw his face that we would have an exceptional experience! Washi was our constant companion and friend for just the two of us for nine days and traveling with him through his incredibly beautiful and spiritual country changed our lives. The Peruvian people are as much a part of the wonder as their ruins and structures. Pure of soul, kind, gentle and loving, they made us feel welcome and safe wherever we went. Our adventure was made possible and truly life-changing because of the love and friendship of Washi, our dear friend. His love and knowledge of his incredible country gave us an appreciation and insight we would never have gained with any other tour company. He is an EXTRAORDINARY person and we feel incredibly blessed and lucky to call him our friend. If you are planning to travel to Peru, you will miss so much of the culture and beauty if you go with any other tour group. Washi will give you a very personal experience that I guarantee will change your life and the way you look at the world. We wound up adopting a family that lives in a humble shack 11,000 feet up in the Andes. We fed them, clothed them, supplied them with beds, blankets, solar lights, solar generator and even had the entire family vaccinated including their dogs. It was the least we could do after experiencing their incredible country and the tenacity of the indigenous people. Washi, I hope this helps. Love and peace, Sister Linda and Brother Gary


San Diego, California

In 2014, I put together a group of 10 friends to visit southern and central Peru. Washi's services had been recommended to us by friends who had taken a similar trip with him. I provided a list of things that we wanted to see and Washi made sure that we did those things and a whole lot more. He was with us from morning til night, with information about what we were going to see, food and restaurant stops, photo ops, explanations about the land and the culture over time, meeting native peoples, providing opportunities for shopping and investigating the markets. We learned about agriculture in the dry coastal plains, in the steep valleys of the Andes, and on the reed islands of Lake Titicaca. We learned about the importance of the road system which rivaled that of the Romans, their earthquake proof construction methods, the beliefs of the native peoples and their respect for nature, their study of astronomy and its influence on their lives, particularly their worship, building and agriculture. We saw many Inca and pre-Inca sites and learned about the importance and control that they had over water which enabled their civilizations to flourish. Washi was always ready to accept any suggestions or offer a better alternative. We had a memorable day hiking from KM 48 on the rail line to Machu Picchu in a single day. We hiked a whole mountain side of salt ponds. We took boats out on Lake Titicaca and met native peoples there who explained how they live on the reed islands. We met wonderful native peoples everywhere we went and they all knew Washi on a first name basis. We learned about their techniques for spinning, dying and weaving various wools into clothing and household goods. We had a wonderful gastronomic tour of Peru in Lima after seeing and eating the many varieties of corn and potatoes cultivated there. We visited the local markets with a guide to learn about the produce. Don't expect to learn anything about Peru's colonial times, because that is not his focus. The drivers were excellent. There was never a time where we felt unsafe. Washi is a native shaman. You will come away with a good understanding of and respect for the belief system of the native peoples. He lives what he teaches. He is the very definition of a "Good Man," generous, humble, compassionate, informed and always looking for ways to improve the lives of the people around him. The best testimonial about his services is that we are going back in May with another group of friends for a different trip that will encompass Northern Peru and the Galapagos. LYN KAGEY San Diego, California

James, Lily, and Taylor Sehon

James, Lily, and Taylor Sehon

My family had the good fortune to meet Washington through family members who had traveled with him in Peru. He met with us in Portland, Oregon, where we discussed our interest in visiting Peru. He provided us with a detailed itinerary and costs which were within our budget. He met us at the airport in Cusco and accompanied us, with a driver, to various locations in the Scared Valley, as well as to the city of Lima. Washington was very gracious, and patient, as we acclimated ourselves to the countryside. He is very knowledgeable of the history of the ancient people and respectful of their way of life. He was also very kind and respectful to the residents of each place we visited. He guided us to places we would not have visited or understood if we were traveling alone. His depth of knowledge and reverence for his country and its people were inspiring . Traveling with Washington was a truly life-changing experience for us and one we will always cherish. We have recommended Washington to friends and would certainly travel with him again. James, Lily, and Taylor Sehon jimlilysehon@msn.com

Kathie Brodie

Kathie Brodie

We met Washi when he did healings in the Seattle area and we loved his energy immediately. A friend and I had planned a trip to Peru but were completely dissatisfied with the travel company so we canceled with them. We asked Washi if he could recommend someone to help us with the trip arrangements. He told us that he could do it for us! This was obviously set up by Spirit lifetimes ago! We told him when we wanted to go and for how long, making sure he understood we wanted to be at Machu Picchu at the full moon. ANd we hoped he would do a ceremony for us n that night, which he did! He arranged everything for us, including booking hotels and making all flight and ground transportation arrangements. When we arrived in country he had us picked up at the airport and from then on we were totally taken care of. We met with him and either he or someone he knew was with us every day from then on so we never had to be nervous about being in an unfamiliar country. There was plenty of quiet time too. And he joined us and did ceremony in places the general public was not allowed to go. I kept expecting to be joined by a bunch of people but this was the trip of a lifetime - only my friend and me the whole time, with our Shaman and guide and Washi, who is also an Shaman. We laughed and cried and remembered places we had never been before. The sacredness cannot be described, only experienced. This trip was absolutely wonderful, filled with love. I loved the country, I loved the people, and I loved being back home for the first time. Washi made everything an adventure and a joy and a sacred experience. If you are thinking of going to Peru, please let Washi make the arrangements and do ceremonies with you. You will love his energy and his outlook and his caring nature. The memories you take home will be a gift to yourself, and who deserves them more? Washi made it all possible. Because he is a Shaman, some of the healings he did there have totally changed my life for the better. I will never forget this trip! Kathie Brodie Seattle, Washington USA kathie@kathiebrodie.com

Sally Rockwell


I've wanted to visit Machu Picchu for over 40 years. It was a trip of a lifetime come true. The guides and shamans gave us such personal attention, it was like a loving, caring, family outing. The Spiritual experiences, insights, and Peruvian people are embedded in my heart and soul, I am a totally different; a happier, more peaceful, grounded person. I look forward to returning soon. All the best, Dr Sally Sally Rockwell, CCN, PhD Seattle. WA USA www.DrSallyRockwell.com SR@DrSallyRockwell.com


Dearest Washi, It has taken me far too long to send this email and yet each day since I have returned has been filled with beautiful memories, tears of joy and the blessedness of Peru in my heart. It is hard to describe how the trip to your sacred land has transformed me. My heart has been "broken open" by you, your family, your wisdom, and your love. How can I even begin to thank you?

Here are just a few of the memories that I hold so dear and will cherish the rest of my life that even all of the pictures I took cannot capture: - Your beautiful family and their incredible hearts. I am so glad they came with us to Lake Titicaca so we had the pleasure of being in their presence. Pammela, Helen, VIckey and Adrian are truly"light beings" who travel with you and open their hearts to everyone they meet. I have been forever changed by them!

- All of the wisdom of your people that you shared with us on our journey through the stunning lands of Peru. I still remember the plants that you made a needle and thread out of, the "bleeding sacrifice" of the cactus, the flowers you made into earrings, the shadows as the way the sun touched the earth and the wind as the invisible presence of God. All of the gifts Pachamama gives us each day and we never appreciate until someone as wise and wonderful as YOU opens our eyes to them. I felt as though I had attended the "University of the Soul" with you as our blessed teacher!

- The exquisite faces of the children at your kitchen who gave us the true privilege of serving them. Their beauty, laughter and joy are burned into my heart forever.

- The "lighter" moments like when you put the coins on the railroad tracks! When you found "heart rocks" EVERYWHERE! When you talked with your friend, companion and true brother, Adrian, in the van along the way. When we laughed about the "hundred pounds of sugar" for the hot chocolate!

You made this trip into the most incredible adventure of my life! Every hotel was absolutely wonderful, the meals exquisite, and it was beyond belief how you anticipated each and every one of our needs and took such loving care of us. From arranging for massages, getting us the front row seats on the train and even tending to our laundry! My final memory will always be of you and your BEAUTIFUL family standing in the airport in Juliaca. My heart ached as I was trying to find a way to say goodbye and thank you to my new family. I was not ready to go back to Seattle and leave all of you and the sacred land of Peru and her people. And then the that incredible little "star of light"...my sweet Helen, came running up to the security area with her beaming smile and said..."Hasta la vista, Baby!" I thought my heart would explode!!! My dearest Brother Washi, you opened my heart and changed my life forever. And for this, there are no words of gratitude that are powerful enough to express how I feel with tears of joy streaming down my face and a heart full of love for you.

You are a "Gift" to all who have the honor to meet you. You bring endless love and joy wherever you go and may you be forever BLESSED for the love you share with others. You are a shaman,a healer, a guide, a Brother and a shining example of selflessness! I will treasure your wisdom and love for the rest of my life. Wishing you and all those you love every blessing of this Christmas season! Your Sister, in Love and Light, Donna

Hasta la vista, Baby!!!